August: SACF 2017 Summer Student Research Internship Program.



August: SACF 2018 Summer Student Research Internship Program.

June: SACF publishes "Benefits and Harms of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Ruling on Next Generation Sequencing" in JAMA Internal Medicine.

September: Yale School of Medicine and SACF collaborate on a clinical report involving novel mutation in Ribonucleotide Reductase Subunit M2 in relation to mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

July: SACF signs Agreement with local biotech/pharma client to utilize Acceleration Lab for drug discovery research

Sino-American Cancer Foundation

Mission Statement

SACF is committed to conquering cancer through research, prevention, and education. Our mission is to transform the fight against cancer through safe and accurate research methodologies. 

Our Vision

We aim to provide accurate, meaningful cancer information to help patients, physicians, and scientists make informed decisions about cancer prevention and treatment. Secondly, the information we gain from every trial and study will be used to accelerate progress against cancer. Finally, SACF will be recognized as a global leader in cancer research and drug development.

July: SACF visits Zhongke Biopharma with Kedrion BioPharma Inc in efforts to foster international collaborations between pharma and global healthcare care industries.



July: SACF links Taipei Medical University with Lixte Biotechnology Holdings Inc in signing Non Disclosure Agreement that aims to explore the effectiveness of anti-cancer compound LB-100 in hepatocellular carcinoma in Asian populations.

August: SACF completes 2016 Summer Student Research Internship Program. Motivated high school and college students with strong interests in research and health sciences participate in research and work activities under the supervision of staff scientists for two-month period.

July: SACF announces new research focus in cytotoxicity studies, protein assays, and predictive simulation models to elucidate mechanisms of action and potential targets for cancer drug development.

February: SACF signs agreement with Bridgent Technologies Inc. to explore scientific medical cancer education program to Asia.

October: SACF publishes "FDA Guidance for Next Generation Sequencing-based Testing: Balancing Regulation and Innovation in Precision Medicine" in ​Nature Genomic Medicine.

January: SACF and California Cancer Institute work together in identifying and evaluating potential biomarkers related to cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.

March: SACF officially launches new research lab in El Monte, California.


November: SACF signs Agreement with biotech/pharma client to utilize Acceleration Lab for immunotherapy research

September: U.S. Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) grants SACF Provisional Patent for PYCR1 Candidate Inhibitors (File No.: S90140/US8125)


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January: In conjunction with University of Oslo and Human Frontier Science Program, SACF pledges support for innovative, cutting edge research related to cancer medicine and open international collaborations in the spirit of science without borders.

March: U.S. FDA grants orphan drug designation to SACF’s Compound 056 for treatment of multiple myeloma.

April: SACF relocates lab to Covina, CA and officially opens new headquarters.

Sino American 

​Cancer Foundation 

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